Resource Augmentation

Project Staff Augmentation:

          As Program/Project delivery experts, we understand that there are many times requirements to support the build-out of strategic, large, complex deliveries with true and tried talent to deliver on time and on budget.  Whether it is a niche, specialized skillset or a uniquely experienced resource,

IntellEcomm is a leader in providing
highly qualified consultants on as-needed basis.

What makes us unique is that we specialize in strategic deliveries having managed and delivered over $2B worth of deliveries over the years.

          IntellEcomm provides resource augmentation and professional services to our clients to help expand their bandwidth, overcome critical bottlenecks, backfill the day-to-day operational roles of key skilled resources that are seconded to work on strategic deliveries, thereby helping to clear project hurdles when most needed.

          We understand our clients who need highly specialized resources for strategic deliveries are also balancing this with funding constraints, thereby need to balance between experience, capability, and costs. Our uniquely talented Resource Acquisition team comprises of our practicing managing partners, leveraging our team of consulting associates (pre-screened and pre-selected) at all levels. We conduct extensive interviews of all resources to ensure their fit to the organizational, cultural and skill set requirements.

Contract Staffing – when and where you need them:

IntellEcomm is dedicated to building a long term relationship with our clients, focusing on providing value and results through staffing services which include:

  • Defining the requirements
  • Comprehensive candidate search within the industry
  • Candidate on-boarding

          We work closely with the Hiring Managers and their team to ensure that we find the right candidate for each requirement, whether full time or contract, matching both skills as well as cultural fit to the position for long term success.  Our proven process involves a comprehensive search and screening to ensure the highest caliber to candidates for our clients’ consideration.  We take time to insure we present the right candidate for our clients’ consideration.  Once placed, we take pride in ensuring that our resources’ success through continued communication with them after placement.

We see our role as mentors, coach and teachers
to each of our placement resources as a critical value-add service to our clients.
          We are dedicated to continually building our talent pool and associates network, primarily through referrals and resources who we have worked with in the past, augmented with personal referrals, networking and general search to ensure we have the highest caliber to resources at all times.

We do not consider the use of cold recruitment at any time